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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Chicago Is My Kind Of Town

Blue Angels
Originally uploaded by Кevin.
It's late , and I'm just returning from a great girls night out with Gab's and some friends . When I woke this morning I wanted to cancel,due to fatigue from all the weekend festivities. But I'm glad I didn't. We had a 5 star dinner at IL Covo. Gab's compatriot is the head chef blending Australian and Italian cuisine. As we dined a film crew from a popular local show came into the joint and asked our opinions. Gab's did all the talking, PR pro she is, and really sold the place. I must return with Certain Someone for dinner for two.
Yesterday was spent on Mother Gumby's at her annual rooftop Air Water Show party. What a great food and drink spread she presented. Her apartment had amazing views and looked like something from architectural Digest. The crowd was warm and cozy. Certain Someone and I shared a chaise poolside and watched all the jets thunder by,while I rubbed his temples. Those boys love their toys. While I have mixed opinions about all the military activity in the current state of the world,you cant help but being impressed seeing those Blue Angels and other craft fly by. What a show and party. After the party we went shopping,which I'm coming to believe is his favorite pastime. He should start paying me as his personal shopper.
The night before we met with a friend and a blind date we set him up with. What a disaster! It really should have been filmed for reality TV. The young lady was loaded and quite suggestive to both our friend and Certain Someone. At the end of the evening we had quite a earful about her favorite "physical activity"and "recreational activity" . I felt bad for her, as she won't remember what she said and did. Remind me to not play Cupid again.
And last but not least was Gabis Birthday Celebration on Friday. Great night was had by all. I only wish I could have unwinded more ,But I had to rise early the next morning( 4:00 am) to perform makeover s for a wedding. The Birthday girl had a most memorable 29 th . She's a lucky girl ,and we should all feel blessed to know her.

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  1. Of course there are some parts of the 29th celebration that the birthday girl does NOT remember but perhaps that's for the best! Shots at 6pm can never be good.

    I am so glad you came along to the party and to the dinner last night - at least we could all appreciate the fine food, wine, and company. Repeat performance very soon.


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