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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

In The Words Of Miranda 'Get Over It, It's My Thing'

Tabloid board game
Originally uploaded by misocrazy.
I have a confession to make. I love gossip. Particularly the European or high society New York kind. I can equally get into the proletariat tabloids like The Star, US, and The Enquirer on occasion. But I get sick reading about the young, for the most part, talentless starlets boozing and starving themselves through life. How disappointed I was to see the next generations of Greek shipping magnates hook up with the Paris Hilton's of the world. Give me some minor European Royalty drama. Like all of Prince Albert's love children. Angelina adopts them and he makes them! All races and creeds. I love it. My all time favorite magazine has to be Hola. Ever since I was a child , I loved looking at those glamorous and heavily tanned Spaniards and German princelings gallivanting around Marbella , or some resort. And I loved the challenge of piecing together my limited Spanish with the photos. The other day Certain Someone caught me with a Soap Opera Magazine. Yes, I read those too. If I can't watch them , I like to read about it. Its not hard to follow the story lines, as they rarely ever change over the years. But , they are fascinating nevertheless. Auntie Mame says I should write a column. I'd love to be a Page Six reporter for the N Y Post. I read it online everyday. I find most hacks just take from them and rehash the stories over and over. One item that caught my eye last week in their column was the tacky St. Tropez wedding of Pam Anderson and Kid Rock. The bride wore a white bikini and sailor hat. The groom a linen pork pie hat and was holding a beer. All this aboard a $24 million yacht. They read vows from a blackberry. Lars Ulrich was the best man. At the end if the ceremony , Kid Rock said something like 'She's the best woman in the world... She f---- me and scratches my back." She was quoted as saying in her vows that 'She was going to ride him like a cowboy..." If that aint love , I don't know what is. You see that's why I love gossip, Its like trying to drive by a accident without looking.

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