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Monday, August 28, 2006

The Surprise Was....Corteo.

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Certain Someone had kept me guessing a week about a surprise he planned for today. As much as I inquired, the more he shut down , and actually threatened to cancel. I pushed the envelope, even goggling the date to see what came up. But In all my fantasies and thoughts , I could never have guessed the Cirquedesoliel's Cortero! We started our leisurely Sunday attending a Ferrari festival near the Italian Village with our friend 'The Rock'. If you remember I tried to fix him up with a crazy disaster last weekend. We all still hadn't gotten over her comments. Certain Someone and The Rock were like babes in toyland checking out the details of the Ferrari's and lone Masseratti. We posed and primped by the cars. I wore a snug zip up Ferrari Tshirt , and was approached by several people asking if I worked for the company. CLTV even approached me and interviewed me for a segment to run later on TV that evening. Not the boys, me! We then had a leisurely walk, lunch , and beers. 5:00 snuck up all to soon and my sweetie and I grabbed a taxi. He had wanted to blindfold me, but forgot. So he kept my head down in his lap until we reached our destination. I sensed United Center, and it was. I looked up and saw the tents. I had never attended a Cirquedesoliel performance but had heard rave reviews. It didn't disappoint. I covered Certain Someone in kisses,and we settled back to watch the show. Spectacular. How thoughtful of him. Another affirmation to my insecure self that he cares, and I'm a lucky girl. Kiss .

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  1. I'm so happy for you - and particularly impressed with Certain Someone's ability to keep the surprise a real secret from you. Wonderful that you could take advantage of such an impressive production visiting Chicago too - I wonder if the shows in Vegas have that elegant air?


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