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Monday, August 14, 2006

Where Does All This Money Come From

Yesterday Certain Someone and I went to one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago, RL. Auntie Mame introduced me to this treat. The menu is pretty basic, emulating that old waspy private dining club feel. In my mind I always call it the rich mans McDonald's. On any given day you'll always see some prominent Chicagoan meeting friends there after a hard day of shopping or some cocktail event. So as Certain Someone and I settled in,and ordered deluxe burgers while we sat in the outdoor section, a group of flashy young nouveau types caught our attention. The two men looked like 'club' types with a impressionable young lady who was obviously impressed. The group sat sipping rose and sharing a charcuterie platter. Their conversation s vulgar,loud,yet intriguing . Certain Someone , masked in his Prada frames ,chastised me for not speaking German so we talk about them. I was riveted. Then a Mercedes pulled up, and another young one got out and yelled at the group. She joined the table and introductions were made and she was asked what her father did. By now we were rolling our eyes. It seems they were all in the restaurant/ club biz. Not to offend my European honey,but they epitomized the term Euro trash. We later saw them cruising Rush street giving shout outs . Certain Someone and I wondered how they do it and where this money comes from. As we walking back home we passed the Bentley dealer. Certain Someone loves his cars and gives me the history and stories of the exotic high end makes. We noticed a relatively young man about our age pull out in a Maybach. I"m sure that car fetches around a few hundred thousand. I kind of got depressed because making ends meet is a endless struggle. These Bright Young Things don't seem to burning the midnight oil,but yet seem to have huge incomes. Must be nice. I hope they are happy.

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