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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Love in the Afternoon

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I realize as I'm about to write this,I've been influenced by Gabis blog entry from yesterday. She spoke of how her social calendar is filling up rapidly. It seems that theme is running through Certain Someone's and my lives. Today he squeezed me into his busy schedule , as he just returned late last night , for a quickie lunch at Typhoon Cafe. We literally pulled out the Blackberry's and Treos to coordinate the next few weeks. He complained that our very little free time ( weekends) are always taken with some social activity,and how we don't spend enough quality alone time together. I agree. He's always away for business during the week, and I work two jobs. If he is home, he's usually burning the midnight oil . Our precious weekends go by far too quickly , and most of it is spent sleeping. Sometimes it feels as if we don't have enough time for our friends , family,or each other. I look forward to a special 'surprise ' he has planned in the next few weeks, and some quick weekend get aways.In the meanwhile I'm content with a occasional quickie lunch in the afternoon. Wir finden schon eine Losung.

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