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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

We'll Always Have Chinatown

Originally uploaded by Lordcolus.
I write this as I've been prematurely cut early from Job #2 tonight. Due to excessive heat for the past few days, nature is finally cleaning up her act , and its violently storming. I'm grateful for the rain. My neighborhood of Hyde Park/ Kenwood has been plagued with power outages fro the past few days, due to enormous amounts of energy being consumed. Com Ed cant keep up with the demands. While I read about it in the news, I really haven't been home much, so I've been lucky. However last night my luck ran out. I picked up Certain Someone from the airport , and we decided to dine in our favorite spot, China Town. Its becoming a ritual for us to try every restaurant we can. We never get tired of it. After a leisurely dinner and cocktails< we decided to go to my place that evening, as we were south. We made a quick stop to my local CoOp market , where he was amazed from the selection of obscure German beers. Thanks to the sophisticated and well travelled residents of Hyde Park, home of University of Chicago, one lacks for nothing in terems of food or drink. Ceratin Someone had to eat his negative perception of the South. When we got home , a hot oven of a condo awaited us. It took a while to get the AC going, as heat from the building rises. This is a blessing in Winter, but deadly in summer. We literally preferred to wait outside on my deck for a while before venturing in. Nevertheless we acheived a comfortable temp, and settled in for the night drinking great beers.Around 2:00 AM I stirred realizing it was too dark and quiet. The power was out! Nothing worse than being full of Chinese, Hot, and Tired. I opened all the windows waiting for any slight breeze. You could hear some voices seeking refuge outside, rather than stay in their 'ovens". Eventually it came back up around 4:30, but our good nights sleep was lost. I had to wake at 6:00 and proceed onto my supposed 14 hour day. Thankfully it was only 11.

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  1. interesting blog. heat was equally bothering here, this year.


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