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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

pensieri [thoughts]

pensieri [thoughts]
Originally uploaded by foxtwo.
In my line of work I come across a cross segment of people. Sometimes their actions and deeds amaze me , and sometimes they amuse me. Today I had two random encounters that left me wondering...

In one of my stores today, a associate came by the counter to brag that her church just got their Pastor a private Jet. I looked at her blankly. Her Pastor is a well know 'leader" in the community and a politician. I was always raised church and state shouldn't mix. Nevertheless he 'needed' this jet, I guess to tend to his other flocks. I 'm sure the man is doing some good ,somewhere, But it amazes me that people that make and have so little , build these self appointed leaders up . In my opinion that money could have built several food centers for the needy. Or maybe he plans to fly around Chicagos needy areas and drop food bundles?

When I got to the restaurant later that evening, I found it was relatively slow. A young mother was sitting with her baby and friend. While looking at the reservations for the next few days< she came up with the cutie pie. It seems he was magmatized by my good looks and wanted to say Hi. He was the flirtiest baby I ever saw. The female bartender got jealous because he was flirting with her earlier. Cutie Patootie had the nerve to wearing a shirt that said "Chick Magnet". By the end of his dinner , he had every female,even the two lesbians sitting in a corner, besotted. I guess men learn how to hustle , two time , and play at a young age.

Just random thoughts....

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