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Monday, July 24, 2006

Cluttered Life

Cluttered Kitchen
Originally uploaded by Baltimike.
No, the above picture is not my apartment, but pretty damn close. Last week I read about this yahoo group called freecycle , who are all about minimizing waste and recycling. For the past year the first comment that's comes out of peoples mouths when they visit me is 'My you have a lot of stuff"! I'm not a hoarder like Gumby ( his place is insane) ,but have managed to accumulate through inheritances, and shopping quite a collection of furniture, pot, pans, clothes, books,art, etc. And I haven't even tackled my storage room in the basement. I'm at the time of my life when I need to streamline, and perhaps one day pack up and go. My friend Terry is all about removing the clutter from her life, She cited a example of how when you start to let go of it, everything else falls away. Weight, stress, etc.She's very new age, but she has a point. And there is nothing worse than being burdened by 'things". I have truly enjoyed all my stuff, but its time for some other people to find good use. Don't think I'm giving up the clothes, Just some odds and end pieces of furniture,etc. When I posted, I received many offers in the first hour. Do these people sit in front of the computer all day lying in wait? It was interesting reading the requests, pleas, etc. I decided to go with a nice young lady looking out for a friend. I'm a little nervous (you can never be to careful), but Certain Someone will be on the premises when they come to take the things to a new home.

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