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Saturday, July 22, 2006


white sheep can't jump (crop)
Originally uploaded by ansik.
Last night Gabs , Irene ,and I had a long awaited Girls Night. About an hour into it Irene was chatting up the man to her right, and Gabs and I were left to fiend off a strange hot dog sales rep/ forecaster named Steve. We decided to call in Rack , who was supposed to hanging out with Certain Someone that evening. It was nice to see the guys, and some other male friends who popped up. After about a million beers, mostly everyone left . That left me with the boys. I was now in on their Boys Night. We headed over to a great club called Moonshine. Certain Someone had earlier started to turn into territorial caveman fussing over my revealing shirt, alcohol consumption, and occasional cigarette( ok 6 or 7 !). Listening to guys talk about women was revealing. Oh how they twist things around ! At the bar the men started talking about meat . And this is what became disturbing. One pointed out how all things cute, are better tasting. For example ducks, kangaroos (Gabs swears by this), rabbits, turtles, lamb, ostrich,cows, chickens, goose, baby suckling pigs,horse ( if your French, or German in a Sauerbraten) , certain fishes, etc. The list can go on and on. The glee in their eyes revealed a lot. I'll be keeping one eye open when I sleep.

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  1. See this is the interesting thing. Fluffy ducks and ostriches and kangaroos and whatnot are certainly CUTE, but everyone knows that in real life they SMELL really bad. For mine, that makes it much easier to slather gravy on them and gobble them up!!

    And one of these days I will get hold of some kangaroo steaks and we shall feast. I stand by my choice.


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