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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Weather Report

Originally uploaded by longhorndave.
You know my life is in the "peaceful" stage when all I write about is weather. Last night we had a great storm that broke up that dry spell. It started as I was conversing with Certain Someone on the phone. Living alone is scary when storms start brewing. He said the most romantic thing as I showed my fright ( collective ewww now, but he's so sweet )! When I woke all the icky heat was washed away,and it felt good. I had a lot of driving to do today up North and what a perfect day to do it. I also negotiated a part time gig for me to make some extra$$$ . I'm really happy about it, and look forward to some fun restaurant hostess tales. That world is even crazier than retail. I'll be really busy, but that's how I thrive. Grace under pressure. Certain Someone is concerned about the amount of time apart, considering his schedule,but we'll make it through. So that's my life this week. I look forward to Saturday, when a friend of mine is getting married in a surprise wedding. Last I heard the groom was gay, but who knows. Love comes in many forms, and they do love each other. They are best friends. Isn't that what marriage is all about ? Oh well,
off to pick up Certain Someone from the airport. It will be good to see him. Life gets so busy.

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