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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Originally uploaded by SMN.
I'm very happy and content with my life lately. So content that while contemplating what to blog about today , I came to the conclusion that things are pretty normal lately. Usually I'm a freak magnet, but I'm noticing that since you know who entered the picture ,the freaks have disappeared . Or maybe I'm not seeking them out. I called Gumby today , always one to provide comic relief, and he's all about business. All my friends are cutting back on the partying for financial and just 'Too damn tired reasons". I've been incredibly busy,and still don't seem to do everything I need to do.
There is one place however , that still amuses me. That's my counter at a major department store downtown. What a cast a characters! The other day the company van dropped me off at the loading docks in preparation for a event. As we drove I realized I knew a lot of the colorful characters on the street. Like the eccentric old lady wrapped in boas that sells her costume jewelry while she roams the aisles and street's and plays all the pianos throughout the store. Or the stalker friend ex boyfriend of one of my employees who fancies himself a designer. The other day he stopped by ,and we all of course ignored him, while wanting to bust out laughing. He was dressed in a flowing Roman style toga . I wanted to scream ' Hail Caesar'. All he needed was a crown of laurel leaves. He wonders why he gets beat up... I saw him late that evening walking down 47th Street,a definite no no dressed like that. But I thought ,as I laugh at him,he'll most likely have the last laugh and become larger than John Galliano or something. To be genius is to be daring. Then there's the customers. Its hard to transform some of the clients we get. We had to talk a lady into going through a makeover and skin care consult, because she felt self conscious about her large mustache, but yet didn't want to wax it off. Guess she was worried that the makeup would get all caked up in it.My makeup artist suggested we tell her to bleach, but then we'd have blond hair on dark skin, Yuck. When she comes back ,we'll give her to the new girl . See how she handles it. And now that the weather is warmer, my regular derelicts don't pass through as often , sampling my testers and yelling obscenities. Even the regular senior citizen makeovers that show up for every event, want their pictures taken, and don't really buy anything , have been low key. Maybe its summer, maybe the weird ones are all on vacation, or maybe I've lost my freak mojo.

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  1. Oh honey trust me the freaks are still out there. I have lost my Mojo too (eek remember him?), but we all know that I'm better off for that! Glad to learn that life is slowing down for you - enjoy taking time to smell the roses.


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