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Friday, July 14, 2006

Happy Friday

Happy Friday
Originally uploaded by Michael_L.
Yes its Friday. Last weekend I anticipated a week of hell. While it didn't turn out that bad, I'm still relieved its over. I executed a mega event in my largest door , during the slowest time of the year. Not my ideal choice, but we did it. Anything is better than nothing right? The event turned out ok ,with pretty good increase in sales. And we all attracted a lot of attention dressed as old time news reporters in black linen fedoras. We even had a photo shoot with our in house photographer for future publication. Hope I look slim in the pics.
Certain Someone has been extremely busy with work, and we have only seen each other once. While my nights were free, I choose to keep a low profile and spend time on me. I thought a lot and enjoyed the solitude. I feel however that I'm pissing off some friends with my choices lately, but so be it. It's my time and life, and I'm enjoying it. I plan to catch up with a few people I haven't seen in a while. I got a nice phone call from my Virtual Friend last night. It was nice to talk for a change. He had disappeared for a while. Everyone needs to that from time to time, and it shouldn't take away from your relationships.
So now I'm home,resting up for the weekend, which will be low key as well. I plan to cook Certain Someone a nice lasagna as we both rest from the travails of the week past. Then we both will pursue our individual fitness goals on Sunday. Then back to the same old grind....

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