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Thursday, July 13, 2006

It Always Comes In Threes

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Today was a weird day. I spent most of the previous night worrying about silly things. When I woke this morning, the very things I worried over were working themselves out. In a slightly better mood, I arrived at work and was informed of a store colleagues sons death. A young 21 year old man on the verge of so many wonderful things was taken away in the blink of a eye by a careless accident. I felt for his mother ,and immediately,told my boss who had lost her young son a few years back in another senseless tragedy around this time. Then, a little later a friend informed a group of us by email about someone's parent being diagnosed with a serious condition. I hope that person can be strong enough for both himself and his parent. They have a long road ahead of them. When I got to the store I heard another sales clerk had also lost her son last weekend. She found him dead in his condo, after not hearing from him for a while.
Certain Someone and I met at the end of the day for quick dinner,before he resumed working on a project. Its important to take time out to smell the roses. He pointed out all this death and illness puts things in perspective. I dropped him off, and went home. My neighbor called informing me she was going out of town again,because her 42 year old brother died of a heart attack today. They had just buried their father last month. My mother used to say , 'it always comes in threes".

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