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Thursday, July 27, 2006

She Works Hard For Her Money, So You Better Treat Her Right

Today was a something! I arrived at the office to find I had another cryptic message from some woman who wouldn't identify herself. She left a urgent anonymous message last week that I dismissed as a predatory lender, bill collector, or something when I called the number . I didn't' leave a message. Come to find out , after a hint, that it was Susie Q, an old colleague of mine. She works for a bank now, hence ,the suspicions. Her message greeting was all about re finacing your mortgage, getting out of debt, etc. Just the type to prey on little old me. It was good to hear from her. It' s been a while . In fact the "baby" is now 7. Further more the eldest, who I used to clip Spice Girl pics and articles from my Hola's and Hello's, just turned 18 and is entering college! Jeez , how old am I now??? Hopefully we all can catch up.
So I started my first day as waitress, after a hellacious day at Job #1. Actually the four hours spent being cute, cool, social, and efficient went by quickly. I sneaked a few Blackberry emails to Certain Someone to give updates. He's stuck in some glamorous beachfront resort down south, bored out of mind. I don't pity him. He'll be back tomorrow , and we'll have a fun , busy weekend as usual , before he takes off again somewhere. As I was driving home, some anarchist punk kid darted out in the road and yelled "F--You, Beamer driver! I don't drive a Beamer, but similar brand. If he only knew what I had to do, to keep up the image.

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