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Monday, July 24, 2006

That Takes The Cake

Wedding Cake
Originally uploaded by dhbphotography.
A few weeks ago I received a surprise wedding announcement via email from a friend. She was going to marry her best friend , who happens to be gay. I tried to fix him up last year with another friend of mine. I was shocked,but happy for her . All sorts of reasoning ran through my mind. Was it a " marriage of convenience"? They would have a private ceremony at City Hall and the reception in a bar in Boystown, on the last day of the Gay Games. It was going to be a madhouse. So I picked up Certain Someone, who was not thrilled with the prospect of going to Boystown. We arrived later than expected, and settled in. The bar wasn't that crowded at that moment , but we still had to squeeze to get a seat. I gave a million 'kiss kisses" and plopped my ass down near Tom and his wife. We broke out with the same question "What's The story behind the wedding'? None of us could figure it out. But one look at the couple , and we knew they were happy, and it was real. Although the groom seemed pretty chummy with a cute male. In fact all three looked chummy. I guess it would be like inviting the mistress to your wedding. There goes my mind again... All the families were there, and supportive of the decision. Certain Someone relaxed to the techno trance Euro music he's so fond of. He got into it. However while we all ogled the hot bartenders who took off their tanks on occasion, he started to get flustered. I told him "as if they would be interested!" I suppose all the men felt a little insecure with those beautiful boys and their chiseled abs. Even the groom got into flashing his chest. After this weekend , I've seen just about all of it. Love comes in many forms. And the distance,a ocean will separate them , will ensure the longevity of the union. They can't get on each others nerves! I wish the couple happiness.

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