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Friday, April 27, 2007

A House Full of Swedes

swedish flag
Originally uploaded by mararie.
Certain Someone has four visitors from Sweden staying with us this week. I feel bad because after a wonderfully warm last week, its cold and dreary yet again. They guys arrived yesterday afternoon and were real troopers with the obvious jet lag. As Certain Someone and I had to work,we assembled everyone at his office and took off for the grocery store. It was amusing to see one of them fascinated by the huge American mega supermarket. We loaded up the car with beer and fixing's for dinner. I love my European hose guests . They are so well mannered and presented me with a beautiful necklace and bracelet from SNO, and hot Swedish brand, and a bottle of Moet for Certain Someone and I to open on our anniversary. One even helped me in the kitchen. I prepared platters of Nachos heaped with meat ,cheese, beans, peppers,sauce, and assorted Asian style appetizers to go with the endless bottles of beer.Maybe we should have rented a keg. The men , tired as they were, settled into a game of Texas Hold Em, as Certain Someone sought to exploit their weakness and fatigue. I fell asleep , but his plan backfired, and someone else won. I'm sure there will be more games this weekend. Tonight we all go to Fogo De Chao. Men love their meat!

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