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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Wine OH !

Wine Kaleidescope
Originally uploaded by masonfoley.
This weekend I started a new gig as a wine demonstrator in various super markets and wine shops in the area. My first assignment was Friday afternoon at a branch of a local supermarket. Gabi was kind enough to visit and lend support after attending her Good Friday services. We cracked up after odd characters began to approach me. I have a talent for attracting crazy old men. One man with very strange hair was so mesmerized by my necklace that before I knew it he was reaching for my chest to 'feel it'.His wife was not amused and I didn't make the sale. Gabi talked up my offering of Cabernet Sauvingnon and I sold large amounts of it within four hours. I also let the local elderly derelict types have 'a taste' as they like to call it. I imagine they expecting something sweeter and fizzier. Nevertheless it was great fun.I was amazed at the attire of some women shopping. One heifer was pushing 300 lbs in thin white cotton Lycra pants that showed off every cellulite bump and ripple. She swayed her ass from side to side as she worked the aisles.I asked Gabi was I that big. At the end of a long day I got to take home a few bottles as left overs . Not a bad gig. The next day I did the same for 8 the far suburbs. It was a bit slower and way different crowd out there. The wines of the night before were a bigger hit than the first round of Pinots, Cabs ,and Chardonnays from various vintners. But once again at the end of a fast paced long day, I gained a few more bottles.
So today I'm cooking a big Easter lunch for Certain Someone and Auntie Mame. Baked ham with pineapples and brown sugar glaze,baked macaroni and cheese,green beans, roasted potatoes with rosemary,hot rolls and chocolate cake. We are all nursing the remains of colds,and plan to take it easy. Happy Easter.

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