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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hello Sunshine

Pyramid Of Balls
Originally uploaded by chicagomaroon1993.
Yesterday Chicago experienced temperatures of 70 degrees. After my final appointment of the day ended I headed on home a little early. Much to my surprise Certain Someone beat me to it ! He was dressed and ready to hit the driving range in preparation for his Vegas Golf Outing late on in the month. I put my packages down and headed out with him towards the nearest one at Jackson Park on the South Shore. Needless to say typically the South side range was not open and looked dreary. We drove up Lake shore Drive in rush hour traffic towards the range on Diversey. What a difference. It seems every one in Chicago had the same idea. The ground was covered in golf balls and people had to wait for slots. Certain Someone did his stretches and contortions as he prepared to swing. He spent the next hour whacking balls with various clubs as I looked on. He was concerned that I was bored. I just enjoyed being in nice weather and being able to spend some rare time with him during the week. It felt like we playing hooky or something. After that we went to Joy Yee's for dinner. I'm trying to reduce my weight , so I ordered light. Certain Someone felt it was important that I ordered a pork dish considering how last Sunday we tried a new place in China Town. His Chinese friend recommended it highly as perfect example of Chinese food. The advertised specials on the wall offered such delicacies as duck tongues with pickled veggies,or pig intestines . I had ordered pork chops in some Thousand Island sauce. My meal tasted off , and the texture of the meat was suspect. It wasn't pork I was eating. Certain Someone thought I was being silly until he went to heat the leftovers the next day. A thick white milky substance congealed the meat. He tossed it. Pork doesn't do that!
So we got over our trauma by eating at the Americanized, Pan Asian Joy Yee's. Can't go wrong with some noodles.

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