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Monday, May 21, 2007

Drottingholm Palace

drottingholm palace
Originally uploaded by SarahMagda.
Today Certain Someone indulged me in my interest in all things royal. We drove out to see Drottingholm Palace , where the royal family resides. The weather started out beautiful as we walked the vast grounds . It was beautiful with a lake . No tours were offered but we paid admissions and walked the interiors with my guide books as reference. Typical Palace fare. War rooms, bed chambers, libraries,etc. My favorite was this room with portraits of kings, queens, sultans, etc .of other countries. And the Chinese Pavilion was a nice treat on the grounds. The weather turned gray and rainy,so we took a late lunch and returned home for a nap. Certain Someone and I got really tired with all that walking earlier. This evening he showed me his condo and I met his lovely tenant. Remarkable woman! Too bad he"ll have to sell the place this summer. It really is nice.The real estate market is crazy here and housing is expensive. He showed me a area I'd love to buy in when we move here. Bromma has lovely single family homes. Unfortunately the prices can go sky high. People put a lot into getting the right place,and space is small. So we will see. Good Night.

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