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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Stockholm ,Gothenburg, and Essen

Well I just wanted to wrap up my week now. I'm trying to get our things together, start packing, organize , etc. before we depart Friday afternoon for our 2 week European vacation. Certain Someone is a little stressed as there is so much to do and see when we get there. Our Swedish house guests will entertain us, we will meet up with more Swedish friends,and I get to see my cousins new baby. Then after a few days in Stockholm we fly to Gothenburg on the other end of the country, for a wedding of Certain Someones colleague. I'm looking forward to this coastal city and all the great seafood. From Gothenburg we fly to Dusseldorf Germany , to get to Essen, Certain Someones home. It is there where I will meet the parents. I wish I can blog during the trip, but it will be hard from the Black Berry. I will try to access a computer, but will more likely have a long and picture filled recap when we return on June 2. Hej då and Auf Wiedersehen!

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