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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Next to Last Day in Stockholm

gamla stan
Originally uploaded by timpgh.
Yesterday Certain Someone and I slept really late and didn't get going until about noon. We first met a friend for Chinese lunch, took care of his errands and business ,and then just hung out and window shopped. We had some coffee and soaked up the sun in the trendy Sturplan. This is a plaza of sorts where all the beautiful people of Stockholm congregate to see and be seen. Certain Someone was a little moody due to some job developments and I tried not to intrude so much but be of support. We went into my favorite store NK and just window shopped. The walk was beautiful and the day was nearing evening. We had dinner plans in Gamla Stan ( Old Town) . I love Gamla Stan , no matter how touristy it gets. The streets are narrow and cobbled( ruined my Escada shoes) and the restaurants are great. We went to Ruby's Grill . Certain Someone and his friend F ordered grilled steaks , while I had the most delicious cheeseburger this side of the Atlantic with some Bearnaise and pommes frites, och spenent sallad mit Parmesan . YUMMY. And dont let me forget the Mojoitos and beer. Certain Someone then had a moonlit stroll back home along the water and looked at the all the shop windows ventured back into the artsy hip district we are staying in.
This morning Certain Someone got up really early to play golf. I for some reason didn't want to get up and was kind off dreading the day. I met my cousins girlfriend and baby afternoon with the intention on some quick shopping,walk with the baby, and maybe lunch/ coffee with her mother.I found my way on the subway alone and eventually met up with her in the vast T Centralen. No sooner than 10 minutes into our walk she got a call. My uncle had died. We are on the outs for the strangest reasons known to me. I couldn't see him this visit as I wasn't supposed to know he was sick. Now I'm in a odd situation because I'm not supposed to know he died and I cant' tell his other brother , who probably won't find out for while( like a few months when he decides to call between his travels). Certain Someone and I can't even send flowers. Talk about family dysfunction.! So I'm in Sweden where my fathers favorite brother has died( and I'm remembering the first time I met him here a few years back and the warm welcome I received) and now I might as well be a stranger .And I can't honor my fathers memory and pay respects to his family. Certain Someone just shook his head in bewilderment. Welcome to the family honey.And I'm torn because I want to call another uncle to let him know. We may see him in Germany and what am I supposed to do? So I'm just chilling at home feeling weird. Certain Someone has a poker night and I just may walk , think, and make some dinner for myself. We are supposed to leave for Gothenburg tomorrow , but SAS may go on strike. That's another issue. I had wanted to take the train anyway and the wedding is not until Saturday. Bittersweet day in Sweden

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  1. kilabyte8:22 PM

    You certainly are getting around .... a luvly read. Enjoy it while you can.

  2. Sorry to hear about your uncle, darl, but there's something to be said for doing what's right for you. If it feels right to call and offer condolences, do it. It seems a shame to keep perpetuating all this bad blood...


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