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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

No European Shopping Spree For Me

Originally uploaded by Liz Highleyman.
So next week Certain Someone and I fly off to Sweden and Germany. This will be the first time I have gone to Europe since I was a teenager, with limited means. I've have had at least 3 major European Shopping sprees in the past 8 years. A sort of pick me up after some traumatic times. And I don't regret a euro or kroner spent.I still wear a lot of acquisitions, although I could loose a few pounds. Ive pictured one of my favorite department stores of all times, and Ive been to many! NK. I guess I have to be content window shopping all the great Scandinavian designers on display.It's a shame because I read a major strike with retailers had been averted. They must have known I was coming.I will stay focused and do a lot of site seeing and walking tours of Stockholm and Gothenburg. And I will revisit Certain Someones friends and my own cousins. I cant wait to see the littlest addition to the fold.And after that whirlwind I will spend five days getting to know the parents of Certain Someone. I cant wait and I'm counting the days.

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