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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Guess They Were Too Busy With the Japanese Emperor

Originally uploaded by ksofies.
Seriously... Today was yet another hectic, but not to glamorous or romantic day. My cold peaked during the evening and I was miserable and tired when I woke up. To top it all off I was worried about Gabi and her medical woes. Get well soon! I woke early and watched some TV at around 6:30 AM. Certain Someone didn't sleep well either. We had to drop his car off that morning in the suburbs for repair. His day started off with a expensive bill and got progressively worse. He dropped me off in the city to meet my cousins girlfriend. We had planned to spend the day together as he took care of his business. M and I went back to her place, fed the baby , and relaxed. Never had I met a sweeter baby, and I'm not saying that because hes a cousin. We then went shopping for a appropriate dress for the wedding in Gothenburg on Sunday. I had packed a black dress because that's what fit . That's a no no here. I went to good cheap and chic H&M and found a nice one and accessories to match. Not bad for broke little me. I love the Kylie Minougue collection there. Its so glamorous and I wonder if its hit Stateside yet. I can see why shes a gay icon. The girl has style ,looks, and is a survivor. M and I then had kaffe and pastry in one of Stockholms old coffee houses. And then it was time to go. I met my man back where he left me and we were driven by our evenings hosts to their house in the suburbs for dinner. Midway we got a call on both of our cell phones that the security alarm went off back home and police had been called. Just great. And I was feeling a little sad that I wont see my cousins this trip because they were dealing with some family issues. A few minutes would have been nice coming all this way,but I understand. So I'm sitting here stuffed after to much wine, great food, and company. We took the train back and on the way to the station walked by some hilly areas that supposedly contained ancient Viking graves. I immediately though of a Swedish Poltergeist movie going on that neighborhood.Not much on the agenda tomorrow,so we will see where the wind takes me.

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