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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Just As Cute As Knute

Eisbär Knut darf leben!
Originally uploaded by Lioness.08.
Certain Someone and I are mesmerized by the German Environmental Superstar , Knute.We track his blog, collect his magazine covers and photos. He really is a ham. Unfortunately we wont be able to catch him in the Berlin Zoo, so we decided to visit his distant cousin at good ol BROOKFIELD ZOO. We're amazed that not much media coverage has been given to the baby polar bear at Brookfield. I only heard of him on a obscure talk radio show. The zoo spends more time publicising the Naked Mole Rat exhibits on bus billboards than the unnamed baby bear. There even a naming contest going on , but still no name.I propose Jackie Bear, after my Mommy. They share the same birth date,December 14. When we got to the bear he wasn't on view.Certain Someone refused to budge from his seat until he saw that Baby Bear. Big bad PapaBear was strutting around next door all alone. But soon a excited rush came over the crowd and out came Momma Bear with the little one obediently following. They chose a cool shaded corner and baby went to town as he nursed on his Mommy. It must have been boring and draining( hahahaha) that she fell asleep.Baby Bear finished and took a little one with her. Certain Someone and I went to the beer garden and continued to watch the bears. They got up , relieved themselves for all to see, and walked around some more. We noticed the crowds were not that huge, but it was the main zoo attraction. Berlin Zoo is making a killing off their bear.I guess Brookfield doesn't need the money as it costs a bit to park, gain entry, eat, drink, and rent a wagon for the kids. I'm spoiled with the free entry of LINCOLN PARK ZOO. But nevertheless, its a great zoo. We enjoyed the desert, rain forest,and Australia House exhibits.Certain Someone took a liking to the bat section in which they were free to fly around you. All the animals seemed tired and were "sleeping" or just being lazy when we approached them. The families and kids gave us some interesting observations as well. We spent four hours lost in nature and I thought that was good way to spend Mothers Day. We can learn a lot from the animals. And unlike little cute Knut, who for some reason rejected by his mother, it was heartening to see Mamma and Baby bond. On second thought, lets keep this Chicago's quiet unspoiled secret.

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