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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Town Drunks

Town Drunks Pabst Flyer
Originally uploaded by wellsdunbar.
I had a terrifying weekend with the wine demos .The location I choose to work at is at a crossroads with the Gold Coast and some notorious Public Housing projects. So you can imagine the mixed bag of customers. And add free samples of wine,hot weather, and Cinco De Mayo , a girl can be asking for trouble. I place my table in the wine department which is not far from the refrigerated beer. There is a particular beer called 211 which seems to come in large cans and sells for around a dollar. Well these 'characters' seem to pop in at various intervals to purchase their can. Its not unusual to see them make several trips in a few hours. I don't think they know what a six pack or case is. Well anyway, a few of the 211 patrons decided to harass me . One sexually suggested that he noticed how low I can go as I was counting my inventory of wine. I wanted to smack him . The other was a happy drunk who insisted on a aperitif of my sampling before he drank his. He insisted on shaking my gloved hand with his dirty one( I politely refused) and told me point blank he was a alcoholic, I was beautiful,and he wanted me to meet his mama.Words to win a girl over, NOT! His mother popped up right behind him with her 211 purchases and got a sample too! The real trouble came when this guy started yelling that I had samples. He strutted over and started rolling his eyes. He was looking for a fight. In a antagonistic tone he challenged me to give him all the samples he wanted. When I gingerly handed the cup over with a my regulation gloved hand,he started yelling that I was treating him like garbage,that I was beautiful but to stuck up to smile at him,etc. I recited my wine pitch to him and he still wouldn't leave. Then I told him I've done my job, if hes not going to buy, but continue to harass me I would call security. He screamed at me some more and walked off looking over his shoulder and said that's why he would get ' a white woman'. I told him to go ahead. Good luck to him with any woman!. Well a few hours later I felt his presence,and there he was ,getting his 211 beer. His eye caught mine and he strutted over again. He incoherently mumbled how he would deal with me , etc. and I just stared him down and reminded him of my earlier threat. Disgusted and defeated he walked off. It freaked me out a bit. I think I'll ask for a new location. 211 beer and heat does not mix well at all when a girl is trying to sell some wine.

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  1. kilabyte8:41 PM

    I think you handled it well and I'm sure you're working on a strategy to make sure you don't get put in such an invidious position again. Still a pity that you have to put up with that sort of rubbish when you're only trying to do your job. I know it's no consolation but same-o-same-o here in Oz.


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