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Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Special Dinner

Erics Gondolen
Originally uploaded by londonla
Certain Someone promised a special day on our last unexpected day in Stockholm. We managed to get reservations on the fast train for Saturday to Gothenburg. So we took advantage of the day and naturally he slept in really late until past noon ( he just does not want to adjust to European time) .Or it was that Poker game the night before. I tagged along for dinner . His friend F lived a the swankest part of the city I've ever seen. He mentioned the King visits a neighbor on occasion ( that's how la de da it is). It really was a beautiful place and yet another area I told my honey we have to live in. Right!Well after a mans meal of some diced potatoes,meat, etc. served with beets, and condiments( Cant remember the name),I left them and went back home. I got off a stop earlier and walked down my new favorite street Gagatan. Really Hip and fun on a steep hill. He got home later.
So the next day we got up late, had breakfast and planned to walk around Gamla Stan. He craved pasta, so we had a little late lunch at Stureplan many outside cafes. The day was beautiful for more people watching on the Birgit Nillson Alle. We then looked for some crystal glasses and walked home. Certain Someone managed dinner reservation for a romantic spot. See the picture above. Its a restaurant called Erics Gondolen high above the Stockholm,over the water, with panoramic views.Its run by a famous Swedish Chef. I had a Scandinavian style Bouillabaisse with garlic aioli and Cesar salad with grilled scallop. Delicious! Certain Someone had duck breast with ginger and lime. After dinner , we walked to the bar which is actually the part that juts out in the photo. They had a large book of mixed concoctions to choose from. I ordered the tart and fresh Green Eyes( something with pear cognac,lemon, and green curacao). Naturally he liked mine more and we switched. I was embarrassed because I had stupidly gone into the wrong toilet not comprehending Herr and Dam. When I opened the private cabin I turned to see a man taking a whiz! I managed to get out even though more man had entered , and was received by a girl laughing at me. Must have been the food. Certain Someone and I watched the mixologist master their skills and then called it a night. I was hot and dizzy.The cool night air was great as we took our final walk home. So now we are off to Gothenburg for a wedding later today, Germany tomorrow. Probably my last post , but you never know.

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